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Vert Solutions LLP was established in 2009. We provide a comprehensive range of high quality SETSCO certified (labelled) / SCDF approved fire extinguishers to suit all, Industrial, Marine, Automotive and Household requirements. Our full range of fire extinguishers are suitable for home, car, truck, boat, kitchens, cafes, commercial buildings, offices, retail outlets, repair shops, computer rooms, restaurants, marinas and factories.

We supply fire safety equipment to a wide range of businesses, industry sectors and home owners. Our selection of fire extinguishers includes CO2, powder (dry chemical), AFFF foam, wet chemical (for kitchens), class D fires (metal fires) and much more. Other products includes fire blankets, smoke detectors and pocket emergency escape mask.

We also provide yearly servicing / recertification / refilling / inspection / testing of fire extinguishers.

Please feel free to contact us for enquiries, orders and delivery arrangements.

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Mission & Vision
VERT strives to make homes a safer place providing peace of mind.

Is your home VERT safe?

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